I’m a working Woman

Hi Hopefuls !

I’m a Receptionist within an IT sector.I honestly love what I do. It’s been just over a year with the company and I’ve met so many new interesting people.

I wonder if when you meet me something about me gives off the madness scent that IS me? I’m the unqualified therapist of the group. I don’t mean to be..it just happens. I truly think that I’m a 50-year-old trapped inside a 26 year olds body. My gran thinks so too๐Ÿ˜ณ

 Working is a choice that I’ll never take away from anyone. It gives you the independence and also makes you aware of the possible opportunities at your fingertips. In your spare time should you venture out and decide to have your own business it also makes you appreciate having a steady income before leaving it behind. I’m pro-feminism and equal rights to all. 

Be humble,be kind and spread happiness.


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