My not so little brother turns “21” today

Hi Hopefuls ๐Ÿ™‚

Today is quite a big day. But first let me start at the beginning.

My brother and I grew up in different households, we share a father but separate mothers. My grandmother was the one who drew us closer to each other – this is where we both went for all the long weekends and school breaks. That’s when our bond truly formed. We danced and paraded around the house in my grandmas clothing and yes we had our bickering as all siblings do as well. Not once did I think that we lacked for anything. Except maybe affection from our father.

Over time we grew a part. I was ending off High School, while he stayed behind. I know we only have a 5 year age difference, at times it feels like too many. I miss being able to talk to him and today, seeing him become a young man, a tall one at that – I feel a bit of regret that the man who should be a father to us chose not to be. Yes my brother had a healthy life, but he also had to live without having a prominent father figure in his life.

I wouldn’t want anyone to know the pain and self-hatred one goes through after not receiving the attention from a parent. This is what we share. It shapes us, but won’t define who we are. Not ever.

To my dearest brother, my only brother

I hope for you nothing but smiles, laughter and prosperity, may the children that you have one day know what we did not, that as a father you should always be in your child’s life and not just put money in their hands and say “Yes, here this proves my love for you” May you be happy with your partner and not ever have to raise your hand towards her or any member of your family. May your pride never be in the way of you showing that you really care for them. I wish you nothing but happiness. I ask your forgiveness for not really keeping in touch, I’m here now and hope to be a part of your life for however long you need me

With Love and hugs,

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