Me = 26.

Hi Hopefuls, I’m officially 26 years old. Yup. that I am 🙂

For some reason my crown birthday makes everything seem more profound. I did what I normally would not. I decided to celebrate and go dancing.

My sweet baby sister made a crown for me, despite not feeling too well😣 she’s such a sweet creative  being! 😍

My mom and gran were with me for the whole night into my big day and for that I am eternally grateful.

 Yes, some tears were shed (to the non-parent not in my life by choice) but I had a beautiful and motivational conversation with an amazing person who helped me come to the realization that these things are trivial, I need to “follow my passion and success will follow me” I cannot explain to you how profoundly these words touched me. 

 I have so many interests and was always told that I need to scale them down and focus on one thing. Knowing that it’s alright to pursue many interests is actually not a big “no-no” makes me realize that I have no limitations. But me. I choose what I want to do and what I perceive my reality to be. No one else.

I know it might come across as a preachy or rant-y type of post. It’s not, trust me. We limit ourselves by the expectation of others. This sickens me and I’m making some very big changes in my life to break free.

Hugs for hope,