How to care for a Cartilage piercing :

Hi hopefuls!

I’m a bit obsessed with piercings, however not all of them like me.

Do not EVER go to a makeup outlet to get this piercing and NO you do not accept that they do it by gun and not a needle. Always do research prior to getting any piercing.
As you can tell I’m very smart…

A month after getting my piercing I noticed a bump on the back, the back part strangely enough looks larger and quite red. I panicked a bit and googled possible causes for this.


I cleaned the bump with luke warm salt water and held a wet chamomile teabag to my ear for about 10 minutes. I didn’t notice any changes, but continued for the duration of the day. The next day it looked a bit better. You may have a look at this post by Medhealthdaily on how to speed up the healing process 🙂

I do still have a noticeable bump, but not as bad as it was before.
Hope this helped you 🙂

Hugs for hope,

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