A little craziness goes a long way.

Myself and sister.jpg
Let’s jump!

Do I really need to explain this….

Myself and friend tend to keep our crazy contained most of the time (that’s me on the right)

This day, however we felt as if the world just got too much way too soon – hence the jumps of maniacs. I feel that media outlets portray young adults as not being responsible enough or a bit too serious for their age – when all we really want is to have as much fun as toddlers have on actual jumping castles. The sun is just the right temperature, my hands are not clammy at all, birds are flying about chirping happily and  there’s a slight breeze that brings on a slight grassy smell to the air. The free feeling you get when being in the outdoors is inexplicable. I’d be crazy any day for this feeling again.

Till next time ๐Ÿ˜‰

If you need to let your crazy out – please do, it would truly suck to pass on without “letting your hair down”

Happy Monday (rather late than not)


Be humble, be kind and spread happiness.


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