Who am I ?

Hello, I’m Rukeya Alexander – A 26-year-old too short for the runway model that I dreamt of being at age 5.
I’m a daughter, grand daughter,wife,sister and aunt. My goal is to have my very own clothing brand, photography studio, cooking book (with my gran and moms help!) and also a cute little pug that I already named ‘Blake-Mason-Tyler-Brock’ (Not kidding) I love reading,sewing and writing short stories.
Music = Life.
I created Stupidlyhopeful as a creative outlet/record-keeping on my style at first. Now it’s a means to showcase my designs, my shop and how I evolved as a blogger/business owner. I’d like to incorporate more local clothing and fabrics into my designs and for my personal use too.
I hope you stay for a bit ๐Ÿ™‚